Value to society

As a company guided by our Core Values, and with operations around the world, Maersk Drilling strives to positively impact the communities in which we operate through our local content efforts.

Maersk Drilling is present in a number of emerging economies. In many of these countries, governments have adopted local content requirements for the oil and gas industry, with the aim of creating local employment opportunities, building local capacity, and ultimately generating sustained and inclusive economic growth. Where possible, Maersk Drilling aims to go beyond local content requirements and contribute even more to the development of the local communities and economies that are impacted by our operations.

Local competencies

A skilled local workforce is crucial for us to maintain safe and efficient operations in emerging offshore markets. Maersk Drilling sees local content as not only our responsibility, but also a key factor in our ability to continue operating at the highest standards. We support this by contributing to building competencies and investing in the training and upskilling of the local workforce in the countries where we operate.
Training Bright Minds
Training locals in Ghana

In 2019, we launched a three-month programme named Training Bright Minds for 20 young Ghanaians who had just completed National Service. The training was led by local colleagues. As part of the programme, the participants were introduced to operations in the oil and gas as well as the drilling industry, and trained in first aid, anti-corruption, and health and safety. Even before the programme was finished, two participants had been able to benefit from the training to secure employment with two different companies.

Local procurement

Maersk Drilling complies with local procurement requirements where they apply, and strives to procure locally when possible. This helps to support the emergence of a domestic economy and secure local supply for Maersk Drilling and others in the industry. Through working with local suppliers, we support development of the knowledge and skills necessary to live up to the standards of international customers in the oil and gas sector.
Hosting Suppliers Days

To support local procurement efforts, Maersk Drilling has hosted local Suppliers Days in a number of countries, inviting local suppliers to learn about Maersk Drilling’s responsible procurement policy and the standards required to work as a supplier to the oil and gas industry. By working with local suppliers, we play a part in developing emerging economies and, at the same time, benefit from increasing the range of products and services available to our industry in the local markets.

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