Sustainable Energy Future

Our sustainability approach

Contributing to a sustainable energy future

Climate change constitutes one of the largest challenges facing the world today. Maersk Drilling is committed to doing its part in combatting it, by significantly reducing emissions from our operations and exploring ways to store CO2.

We aim to minimise the carbon intensity of our business as well as activities of our customers and supply chain. In pursuit of this ambition, we have set an emission reduction target of 50% by 2030 which forms the foundation of our Climate Action Plan.

We are first and foremost a people business

Maersk Drilling strives to uphold a supportive and productive working environment that stimulates the growth and development of all of our people. We want to ensure that we positively impact the people that the business touches through contributions to the local communities within which we operate.

Diversity & Inclusion is a key focus area, where we have set a 30% onshore female leadership target by 2023 to further promote diversity in the company.

Responsible business is ingrained in how we operate

As rooted in our core values, Maersk Drilling is committed to being a good corporate citizen. Conducting business responsibly includes protecting people and minimising adverse effects of operations on the environment and society.

Maersk Drilling has a solid track record of responsible initiatives including our strong safety approach, hosting Supplier's Days, developing an anti-corruption toolbox and a comprehensive Code of Conduct.

Governance and Policies

Governance and Policies

Maersk Drilling's sustainability efforts are guided by our commitment to international policies and governing bodies

  • UN Global Compact membership 
  • Universal Declaration of Human Rights
  • Fundamental labour conventions of the ILO
  • Support to the Paris Climate Agreement
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Policies and Codes

Maersk Drilling has a dedicated Sustainability policy with sub-policies and codes such as:

View Maersk Drilling's governance documents here.

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Governing Bodies

The Board of Directors is the highest authority on sustainability in Maersk Drilling. In April 2019, a Safety and Sustainability Board Committee was established to oversee safety and sustainability issues and progress across the company. The committee is currently comprised of the Chairman of the Board and two other board members.

Maersk Drilling’s Executive Leadership Team holds the operational responsibility for our sustainability performance with specialist support from dedicated working groups.

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