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Climate and Energy

Maersk Drilling seeks to meet society's demand for oil and gas in a responsible way, through the reduction of our carbon footprint and actively striving to remove inefficiencies from the value chain

Oil and gas in the energy mix for years to come

With an expected rise in global population to almost 10 billion people by 2050, there will be an increasing demand for access to modern services that rely on stable and affordable energy sources, especially in developing countries. Most experts expect a significant rise in global energy consumption towards 2040.
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While renewable energy will grow significantly to meet the overall increase in demand and to replace carbon intensive coal, oil and gas are expected to account for a sizeable part of the energy mix towards 2040. This entails a continued need for exploration and development of offshore oil and gas fields.

Meeting this need in a responsible way is where Maersk Drilling can make an impact.

Producing oil in the right way makes a difference

Based on our long-standing leading position in Norway, we are well-versed in some of the most demanding sustainability requirements in the world.
The CO₂ emissions linked to the production of one barrel of oil vary a great deal from oilfield to oilfield. Despite the harsh offshore environment, Norway has achieved one of the lowest CO₂ footprints thanks to the adoption of energy and CO₂ efficient technologies. The average carbon footprint from upstream activities on the Norwegian fields is around half the global average of 18 kg CO₂ per barrel and it continues to drop.

Removing inefficiencies in the value chain

Our ambition is to offer solutions that allow our customers, the oil and gas companies, to significantly increase drilling efficiency, thereby reducing the total carbon footprint of each barrel of oil produced.
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Smarter Drilling for Better Value

Many drilling campaigns suffer from inefficiencies caused by a complex supplier landscape and coordination challenges.

With our strategic ambition of Smarter Drilling for Better Value, we aim to deliver operational excellence while exploring new business models and innovative technologies that reduce complexity for our customers. By rethinking the traditional ways of organising drilling campaigns through partnerships, we have, in our current best case example, been able to save up to 36% on time and an equivalent saving on energy and emissions in a drilling campaign.

"We work to reduce energy consumption and emissions from our operations, and fully support the Paris Climate Agreement and regulation to ensure efficiency in the industry"
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Reducing our carbon footprint with novel technologies

Together with our customers, Maersk Drilling has developed a range of pilot technologies to jointly reduce the carbon footprint of drilling campaigns. Norway and the wider North Sea region has been an incubator for our most advanced solutions such as our shorepowered rig and hybrid rigs. Over time, these solutions can be leveraged and offered to our customers in other regions, as the energy transition accelerates and increases the incentives for adopting new technologies and new ways of working.
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Maersk Drilling was the first driller to introduce a rig powered by electricity through a sea cable. The rig is currently operating in Norway on the Valhall field.
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Hybrid power based on energy storage

In 2019, we announced together with our customers Equinor and Aker BP the intention to upgrade two rigs with hybrid power solutions based on batteries to reduce CO2 emissions.
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Energy optimising software

Our EEE solution – a fully digitalised fuel and energy monitoring system – uses advanced analytics to learn and optimise towards more efficient behaviour. The system is currently running on one of our Norwegian rigs and will be rolled out on two more rigs in the coming period.

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