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Maersk Drilling aims to meet society's demand for oil and gas in a responsible way, while significantly minimising the carbon intensity of our operations and exploring ways to store CO2.

"Climate change is a topic that has rightfully risen to the top of the agenda for both private and corporate citizens. For companies in the oil and gas industry, it begs the question: How can we do our part?"

Maersk Drilling wants to contribute to combat climate change and play an active role in reducing CO2 emissions. Oil and gas will be a considerable part of the energy supply for many years to come. Our aim is to ensure that these natural resources are extracted in a responsible way, and we will do that by reducing the carbon intensity of our operations. We are also deploying our unique offshore knowledge and modern rig fleet to develop carbon storage solutions that can eliminate CO2 from the atmosphere.


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Our commitment

Maersk Drilling has set an ambitious emissions intensity reduction target of 50% by 2030. This ambitious target forms the foundation of Maersk Drilling’s Climate Action Plan and will place us in a leading position in our industry. It will support our customers’ climate ambitions and meet expectations for responsible climate action in line with the Paris Agreement to limit temperature increase of this century to well below 2 degrees Celsius.

Key levers to reach our carbon reduction target

To reach our 2030 target, Maersk Drilling will utilise a combination of levers including:

  • Efficiency gains deriving from our strategic ambition of Smarter Drilling for Better Value
  • Known technical solutions such as low-emission upgrades and shorepower
  • New technological solutions
  • Carbon offsets, if needed

We have established a dedicated Emissions Task Force responsible for recommending the deployment of low emission investments and will leverage the company’s unique innovation capabilities to develop new solutions. Close collaboration with customers and partners will be a crucial part of the strategy.

Removing inefficiencies in the value chain

Our ambition is to offer solutions that allow our customers, the oil and gas companies, to significantly increase drilling efficiency, thereby reducing the total carbon footprint of each barrel of oil produced.
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Smarter Drilling for Better Value

Many drilling campaigns suffer from inefficiencies caused by a complex supplier landscape and coordination challenges.

With our strategic ambition of Smarter Drilling for Better Value, we aim to deliver operational excellence while exploring new business models and innovative technologies that reduce complexity for our customers. By rethinking the traditional ways of organising drilling campaigns through partnerships, we have, in our current best case example, been able to save up to 36% on time and an equivalent saving on energy and emissions in a drilling campaign.

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