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We seek to support economic growth and development globally through the provision of drilling services to energy companies, whilst ensuring that we do business in a responsible manner, for our customers, shareholders, employees and society as a whole

Our Sustainability Approach

We have over many years built a strong sustainability foundation and operational culture based on the Maersk Core Values, which we still embrace in our new role as an independent company. Sustainability is hereby an integral part of how we do business and is considered in our strategic decisions and incorporated into our daily operations.
Our Approach
Focus areas

Out of the 17 SDGs, we have identified eight where we believe our business has the greatest direct impact within the areas of climate and energy, safety, people, local content and responsible business.

These areas are at the core of our sustainability efforts.

Part of a vital industry

Benefits Of Oil And Gas



Oil and gas is an integrated part of modern society

Oil and gas is a vital industry that supports job creation, economic growth and development in many local communities.

As seen to the right, products derived from oil and gas are instrumental to help meet crucial needs through a wide range of uses.



Sustainability Highlights 2019

Maersk Drilling works to continuously improve our impact on people and environment. The figures shown below highlight key areas for our sustainability work. How we work in these areas is described in further detail in the 2019 Sustainability Report found below.

Sustainability Reporting

Sustainability Reporting

Maersk Drilling publishes a Sustainability Report annually, covering our efforts in accordance with the targets, progress and ambitions of our sustainability approach. Click below to access the reports.

Governance and Policies

Maersk Drilling's sustainability efforts are guided by our commitment to international policies and governing bodies
  • UN Global Compact membership 
  • Universal Declaration of Human Rights
  • Fundamental labour conventions of the ILO
  • Support to the Paris Climate Agreement
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Policies and Codes

Maersk Drilling has a dedicated Sustainability policy with sub-policies and codes such as:

View Maersk Drilling's governance documents here.

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Governing Bodies

The Board of Directors is the highest authority on sustainability in Maersk Drilling. In April 2019, a Safety and Sustainability Board Committee was established to oversee safety and sustainability issues and progress across the company. The committee is currently comprised of the Chairman of the Board and two other board members.

Maersk Drilling’s Executive Leadership Team holds the operational responsibility for our sustainability performance with specialist support from dedicated working groups.

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