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Our values

Maersk Drilling's values drive our culture and the way we do business.

Our five values were far ahead of their time when they were created by the founders of the Maersk Group. Today they remain our guiding principles, calling us to remain conscientious even as we strive to do better. 

Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct

Our word is our bond. Therefore all Maersk Drilling employees, onshore and offshore, and all consultants and secondees are expected to be aware of and comply with the Code of Conduct, Third Party Code of Conduct and Third Party Legal Requirements.

"The basic principle is that people can trust us. Authorities can trust us, employees can trust us and business connections can trust us. Your word should be your bond."
The Maersk Drilling's ethics hotline

Maersk Drilling believes in conducting business with integrity. It’s about acting with respect for people, our principles, and the law so we can be proud of the work we do—every day, everywhere.

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Safety is our number one priority
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