Energy Efficiency

We have developed a fully digitised fuel and energy monitoring system for our drilling rigs. Using an array of tools, from sensors to onshore digital dashboards, the system provides near-real-time information that can be used to learn and optimise the fuel efficiency of our processes. Improvements include optimising engine use and energy conservation.

The monitoring system also allows more precise decision making when we are introducing tailored efficiency or supplementary energy solutions such as flywheels, battery based systems or equipment upgrades. We also gain several knock-on benefits, such as early warning on the condition of engines and longer term data collection for predictive decision making.


An energy efficiency case story

With the electricity reaching Valhall and the rig through a 294 km cable from Lista on the coast of Norway, Maersk Invincible is currently being powered by Norwegian hydropower.
Maersk Invincible: World’s first jack-up running on shore-power
The diesel engines on the Maersk Invincible are quiet today. In fact, they are not running at all.

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