Digital Reporting

At Maersk Drilling more than 200,000 Active Cards are registered each year, providing hand-written details of reactive reporting (for near-misses, incidents, unsafe acts and observations) and proactive reporting (positive reports and suggestions for improvement).

These cards were often difficult to read, and we often experienced delays of up to 24 hours between a card being written (by hand) and being registered in the system. Such delays inevitably reduced the time offshore managers had for their core work of addressing hazards on the go.

E-Active Cards are digital versions of the cards that can be created from any networked computer on the rig. They eliminate many of the problems with paper cards – and the need for paper resources. The cards have a simple and consistent layout, and reduce the average time spent on collecting, inputting and processing cards, thus freeing offshore managers to concentrate on issues on the floor and to contribute quicker to discussions on managing safety.


One of our employees on the Maersk Highlander illustrating how to use the Digital Reporting 'E-active Cards'

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