Safety is our number one priority

At Maersk Drilling our ambition is clear: ZERO serious incidents. Health, safety, security and the environment are the key areas we focus on.

For us safety is not simply a priority, but a commitment. We are challenging the traditional thinking on safety and exploring new solutions, with the focus on occupational health and safety at work, protecting the natural environment and security in a broader sense. To change the way we work through policies and initiatives to reach our ambition of ZERO serious incidents.

Human rights reporting

Human rights reporting

Under the Danish Financial Statements Act, Maersk Drilling is required to report annually on human rights. This reporting is contained in our Sustainability Report. In addition, we report in accordance with the UK Modern Slavery Act as well as the UK Gender Pay Gap Regulations.

HSSE policy statement

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Our commitments and improvement indicators

We are committed to conduct our operations out of harm's way with ZERO serious incidents, all the time, everywhere. Find our health, safety, security and environment policy commitments and how we intend to fulfil them here. 

Building and maintaining a strong safety culture

Building and maintaining a strong safety culture

Maersk Drilling's safety culture is underpinned by our sustainability framework, implemented at operational level through several programmes and initiatives which are designed to directly involve the workforce in HSSE issues and mandate their continued involvement in developing an improving our safety culture.

Protecting the Environment

Maersk Drilling is committed to protecting the environment and reducing any negative environmental impact resulting from our operations. Our Corporate Major Accident Prevention Policy is the cornerstone of our efforts towards ensuring ZERO chemical spills into the world’s oceans. Our environmental efforts also encompass fuel efficiency programmes which we implement in collaboration with our clients to minimise CO2 and NOx emissions during rig moves; environmentally responsible waste management capabilities on board our rigs; and the world’s first CO2-neutral mobile offshore drilling rig, powered by a clean hydroelectric energy source.

A number of our rigs and Headquarters are ISO14001:2015 certified, and the rest are ISO14001:2015 compliant. 


Maersk Drilling operates across the world in areas with very diverse security risks. Wherever we conduct business, it is our priority to ensure our employees, assets, operations and anyone physically present at a Maersk Drilling facility are secure. In striving to reach ZERO security incidents, we fulfil our duty of care by applying the PEARS model, protecting in order of importance: People, Environment, Assets, Reputation and Stakeholders from potential harm. The protection measures we employ at Maersk Drilling are always consistent with applicable local laws and regulations as well as leading international human rights standards. Non-approved protection measures must never be used.

Occupational Health

Our people are our most valuable asset, and a key part of our core values. We are committed to provide a healthy and safe working environment, and to minimise occupational health hazards, both short term and long term. We work with supervision of physical and mental health, all our rigs have 24h medical care available and our medics are responsible for medical emergency procedures. We work systematically to limit the use of potentially hazardous chemicals that may have an impact on worker’s health both short and long term. Furthermore, we have a strict alcohol and controlled substances policy, as we see this as a potential hazard to the health, safety and security of our employees.

Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct

Our word is our bond. Therefore all Maersk Drilling employees, onshore and offshore, and all consultants and secondees are expected to be aware of and comply with the Code of Conduct, Third Party Code of Conduct and Third Party Legal Requirements.

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