Jørn Madsen

Chief Executive Officer
Member of Executive Management

Jørn Madsen has been the CEO of Maersk Drilling since November 2016. He believes that safe operations, commercial innovation and technological innovation are the cornerstones needed to deliver better value for operators, employees and owners.

Jørn joined Maersk Drilling in 1990 and his career in offshore drilling spans a number of technical, operational and leadership roles. These include Rig Manager, Operations Manager and Managing Director of Maersk Drilling in Norway, and more recently Chief Operating Officer.

In 2015 Jørn joined Maersk Supply Service as CEO, where he expanded the company’s offerings by introducing a suite of integrated solutions, before rejoining Maersk Drilling as the company’s CEO in late 2016.

A Danish citizen, Jørn holds a Master’s degree in Science in Engineering from the Danish Technical University and an MBA from IMD and the University of Geneva.

Connect with Jørn on LinkedIn here.

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