Who We Are

Maersk Drilling has a wealth of experience gained from more than 45 years in the industry. Today we’re proud to offer one of the world’s youngest and most advanced fleets, manned by a highly skilled workforce with a hunger to innovate.

Our heritage

We have spent many years succeeding in the harshest and deepest drilling waters in the world, and these experiences have made us determined to learn, improve and develop better solutions to our challenges. Our progress has always been underpinned by our founding values – values to which we remain true today.
Smarter Drilling for Better Value

Smarter Drilling for Better Value

Today we continue to deliver the operational excellence we are renowned for, while exploring new business models and innovative technologies. Our goal is to improve safety and efficiency and reduce cost and complexity, ultimately making offshore oil and gas more competitive. This is what we mean by Smarter Drilling for Better Value.

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Our Executive Leadership Team

Our Executive Leadership Team have spent many years working across our industry and offer a range of key skills. They are proud of the business they lead and humble in the knowledge that they can achieve nothing without the wider Maersk Drilling workforce.

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Our Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors reflect a vast knowledge, experience and insight into the financial, operational, commercial as well as safety aspects and opportunities in various industry business models. Furthermore, the directors possess significant in-depth understanding of the geo-political and macro-economic aspects of the offshore drilling industry and its customers.

Health, Safety, Security and Environment

Health, Safety, Security and Environment

At Maersk Drilling our ambition is clear: ZERO serious incidents. This drives our collective efforts every day to protect everyone on our locations, our assets and the environment.

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We seek to support economic growth and development globally through the provision of drilling services to energy companies, whilst ensuring that we do business in a responsible manner, for our customers, shareholders, employees and society as a whole.


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We invest in you
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