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Maersk Discoverer

  • Ultra deepwater semi-submersible
  • Built 2009

The Maersk Discoverer is a DSS-21 columnstabilised dynamically positioned semisubmersible drilling rig, able to operate in water depths up to 10,000ft.

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Main Specs
ModelDSS21-DPS2 Semi-Submersible
TypeSelf-Propelled A1 Column Stabilized Drilling Unit
Maximum drilling depth32800ft/10000m
Maximum water depth9840ft/3000 m
Minimum water depth1640ft/500 m
Max Hook Load2000k/lbs /907 Tons
BOP18¾” 15,000 psi BOP system
Handling systemDual pipe handling system with off line stand building capabilities
Deck crane1 x 65 t rated Favelle Favco deck crane
Knuckle boom crane1 x 165 t NOV Active Heave Compensated KBC
Pipe handling crane1 x 3.5 t Pipe Handling Knuckle Boom Cranes
Mud pumps4 x Wirth 14-P-2200, 7500psi HP single-acting triplex pumps
Top DriveHPS 1000 rated for 7,500 psi and 2,300 hp

Rig Brochure

For more information, download the Maersk Discoverer rig brochure

Current location


Country: Egypt
Customer: BP
Availability: August 2019

YearCountryJob TypeClient
2009AustraliaExploration, WorkoverWoodside
2013EgyptExploration, Completion, DevelopmentBP

Read about Discoverer's experience

Maersk Discoverer 2.jpg
Discoverer: Shallow Water DP Record–Record-breaking 285m FS-2 well
Maersk Discoverer team completed the Giza Fayoum well five days ahead of schedule, drilling in just 285 metres of water.

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Head of Africa & Middle East
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Head of Drilling Solutions

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