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Mærsk Gallant

  • Ultra harsh environment jack-up
  • Built 1993

Rig Brochure

The Mærsk Gallant ultra harsh environment jack-up rig is an MSC CJ62-120S and is designed for year-round operation in the North Sea.
Main Specs
ModelCJ62-S120 JU
TypeHarsh environment, North Sea HP/HT jack up rig
Maximum drilling depth25,000 ft
Maximum water depth410ft/125m
Leg length575ft/175.3m
Max Hook Load1650/lbs 750 Tons
BOP18¾” 15,000 psi BOP system
Deck cranes2 x 50t rated deck cranes, 1 x AFT 26T rated deck crane
Mud pumps3 x 14-P-2200, 7500psi HP single-acting triplex pumps
Top DriveTDS-6S rated for 7,500 psi and 2,300 hp
AccommodationSingle bed accommodation for 120 personnel
YearCountryJob TypeClient
2006NorwayExplorationExxon Mobil
2006NorwayWorkover, exploration, Plug & Abandonment ConocoPhillips
2009NorwayWorkover, exploration, Plug & AbandonmentConocoPhillips
2012NorwayPlatform installationConocoPhillips
2015NorwayPlug and abandonmentConocoPhillips
2016United Kingdom Plug and abandonmentMaersk Oil
2017United Kingdom ExplorationNexen Petroleum
2017United Kingdom Plug and abandonment Total

Read about Gallant's experience

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Gallant successfully abandons seven subsea wells in the North Sea
The successful plug and abandon (P&A) operation at the James and Leadon fields in the UK sector was driven first and foremost by collaboration.

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