Our fleet of 14 jack-ups have worldwide experience and include the most advanced jack-ups in existence.

For more than 45 years Maersk Drilling has been an innovator in jack-up drilling. Today we are leaders in the high-efficiency segment, working in numerous offshore locations worldwide. Our fleet of 14 jack-ups is continuously upgraded and modified to accommodate our clients’ needs.

Our North Sea fleet holds four XLE ultra harsh environment jack-ups, the world’s most advanced jack-ups. They are all customised to handle the demanding and complex drilling operations in the North Sea.


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Maersk Convincer 1.jpg
Maersk Convincer
Maersk Gallant 3.jpg
Mærsk Gallant
Maersk Guardian 1.jpg
Maersk Guardian
Maersk Highlander 1.jpg
Maersk Highlander
200304105 Maersk Innovator Fleumer Aerophoto.jpg
Mærsk Innovator
Maersk Inspirer 1.jpg
Mærsk Inspirer
IMG_1551 (Large).png
Maersk Integrator
Maersk Interceptor
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Maersk Intrepid
Maersk Invincible
Maersk Reacher
Maersk Resilient
Maersk Resolute 2.jpg
Maersk Resolute
Maersk Resolve