Our fleet of 11 jack-ups have worldwide experience and include the most advanced jack-ups in existence.

For more than 45 years Maersk Drilling has been an innovator in jack-up drilling. Today we are leaders in the high-efficiency segment, working in numerous offshore locations worldwide. Our fleet of 11 jack-ups is continuously upgraded and modified to accommodate our customers’ needs.

Our North Sea fleet holds four XLE ultra harsh environment jack-ups, the world’s most advanced jack-ups. They are all customised to handle the demanding and complex drilling operations in the North Sea.


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Maersk Convincer 1.jpg
Maersk Convincer
Maersk Highlander 1.jpg
Maersk Highlander
200304105 Maersk Innovator Fleumer Aerophoto.jpg
Mærsk Innovator
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Maersk Integrator
Maersk Interceptor
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Maersk Intrepid
Maersk Invincible
Maersk Reacher
Maersk Resilient
Maersk Resolute 2.jpg
Maersk Resolute
Maersk Resolve