Maersk Valiant

  • Ultra deepwater drillship
  • Built 2013

Rig brochure

The Maersk Valiant is a Samsung 96K designed drillship with several Maersk Drilling upgrades including Managed Pressure Drilling (MPD). The design and capacities of the drillship includes features for high efficiency operation.
Main Specs
ModelSamsung 96K Drill Ship
TypeDP 3 Ship with Moonpool
Maximum drilling depth40,000ft/12,000m
Maximum water depth12,000ft/3657m
Ship length748ft/228 m
Max Hook Load• Main 2500klbs /1134 Tons • Aux 2000Klbs/907 Tons
BOP2 x 18¾” 15,000 psi Mux BOP systems
Handling systemDual pipe handling system with off line stand building capabilities
Knuckle boom cranes4 x 85 t rated Knuckle Boom Cranes.( 2 x Portside, 2 x Starboard side)
Pipe handling crane1 x 3.5 t Pipe Handling Knuckle Boom Crane
Mud pumps5 x National 14-P-2200, 7500psi HP single-acting triplex pumps
Top DriveTDX 1250 rated for 7,500 psi and 2,680 hp
AccommodationAccommodation for 230 personnel

Read about Valiant's experience

Valiant drilling successfully with a customised MPD system
Managed pressure drilling (MPD) has been lacking in the US Gulf of Mexico for a long period, Maersk Valiant presented an opportunity to bring a state-of-the-art drillship into the Gulf with an MPD system.
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