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A fleet of four ultra deepwater drillships capable of operating at depths up to 3,600 metres/12,000 ft.

Our modern ultra deepwater drillships can operate at depths up to 3,600 metres/12,000 ft. With their advanced positioning control system, the ships automatically maintain a fixed position even in waves of up to 5.8 metres high and wind speeds of up to 26 metres per second.

Special attention has been given to onboard safety. Each drillship is equipped with Multi Machine Control (MMC) on the drill floor, and this high degree of automation ensures safe operations by removing crews from the red zone and delivers an efficient and consistent performance.

The large deck space on the drillship can accommodate a full well test, completion and stimulation spread. This eliminates the need to demob equipment at different stages in the operation, thus lowering costs and increasing safety because of the reduced need for rigging heavy equipment up and down. 

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Maersk Valiant
Maersk Venturer
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Maersk Viking
Maersk Voyager