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North Sea

Maersk Drilling has more than 45 years’ experience operating in the North Sea, which is considered one of the harshest and most challenging areas to drill offshore. Our crews understand how to successfully plan and execute the demanding and complex drilling operations encountered in this region.

Maersk Drilling is the largest drilling contractor in North West Europe. Our drilling rigs and operating base setup cover the UK, Denmark and Netherlands, and we have the ability to move our units across UK, Netherlands and Danish borders, as we hold Safety Cases for all the sectors.

Our Fleet for the North Sea

200304105 Maersk Innovator Fleumer Aerophoto.jpg
Mærsk Innovator
Maersk Highlander 1.jpg
Maersk Highlander
Maersk Reacher
Maersk Resolute 2.jpg
Maersk Resolute
Maersk Resolve
Maersk Resilient
Maersk Gallant 3.jpg
Mærsk Gallant
Maersk Guardian 1.jpg
Maersk Guardian
Experience - North Sea.jpg
"Maersk Drilling has more than 45 years of experience operating in the North Sea, one of the harshest and most challenging areas to drill offshore."


Catch up on the latest developments in our operations in the North Sea


Read about how we have tackled challenges in the North Sea.
Maersk Gallant 3.jpg
Gallant successfully abandons seven subsea wells in the North Sea
Maersk Highlander 4.jpg
Highlander off to a head start
Resolute.jpg (1)
Maersk Resolute performs after reactivation
Maersk Resilient 2.jpg
Resilient setting new benchmarks for completing workovers
MAERSK SG 08-06-16 0017.jpg
Operating in MPD

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Reach out to our specialised colleagues and hear more about rig availability in North Sea

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