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Maersk Drilling’s fleet of international jack-ups and ultra deepwater floaters have drilled in a variety of offshore conditions in the Asia Pacific region.

We have a long history of encouraging local business development through the recruitment and training of local crews, as well as other investments. This proven track record demonstrates our commitment to generating shared value for business and society in the region.

Our regional experience includes a record for the deepest water deployment of PMCD in the industry to date, and HPHT drilling campaigns that achieved the highest client satisfaction.

Our fleet for Asia/Pacific

Maersk Convincer 1.jpg
Maersk Convincer
Maersk Completer
AJ7P1881 (2).png
Maersk Valiant
Maersk Venturer
AJ7P0123 (2).png
Maersk Viking
Maersk Voyager
Maersk Deliverer 2.jpg
Mærsk Deliverer
Mærsk Developer
Maersk Discoverer  0019.jpg
Maersk Discoverer
Experience - AsiaPacific.jpg
"It’s important to us that we support local business development by training local teams and investing in local services – and it’s something we never stop focusing on."


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Read about how we have tackled challenges in Asia/Pacific.
Maersk Convincer 1.jpg
Convincer Drilling HPHT offshore Malaysia
Maersk Convincer 1.jpg
Maersk Convincer: Shell Jack-up of the Year 2018
Maersk Deliverer 2.jpg
Deliverer: Water depth record deployment of PMCD
DSC 2118.jpg
Convincer: Fuel efficiency
Completer: Seven years without any LTIs

Want to know more?

Reach out to our specialised colleagues and hear more about rig availability in in Asia/Pacific.

Other regions

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North Sea
Africa & Middle East
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