Our response to COVID-19

Maersk Drilling is dedicated to collaborating with our customers and business partners to navigate the challenges related to COVID-19.

An open letter from Maersk Drilling's CEO, Jørn Madsen

Dear customer and partner,

In the face of the current global health crisis, Maersk Drilling’s number one priority is to protect the health and wellbeing of our people and partners and ensure business continuity to the benefit of customers and society at large. The past many weeks, our dedicated COVID-19 task force has been working 24/7 to make sure we operate our 22 offshore drilling rigs safely and efficiently through this crisis. In close cooperation with our customers, we have implemented a significant number of barriers offshore to reduce the risk of transmission and our employees have gone the extra mile to navigate the increased complexity related to crew change, supply chain and logistics.

Building on the leading digital competencies of our company, we have quickly ramped up new technologies and started to work in virtual teams onshore. Determined to learn from each other, we have been able to uphold a very high level of productivity and work smoothly and efficiently together – both internally and with our customers and partners.

The world needs energy and though an energy transition is ongoing, the world will need oil and gas for many decades to come. As members of the oil and gas industry, we are all part of a very important value chain that feeds into vital parts of our society. Without energy, the world cannot produce medical supplies or transport and operate medical equipment for those most in need. Our joint efforts and commitment make me proud to be part of this vital industry.

How long will this last? It is still too early to say but I take comfort from the fact that Maersk Drilling’s financial situation is strong. We have the flexibility to withstand and navigate in this challenging business environment, also in case of a prolonged period of uncertainty. And we are on our toes and ready to respond to whatever challenges the coming weeks and months may bring.

Thank you for trusting us and thank you for your cooperation. Stay safe!

Best regards,

CEO, Jørn Madsen

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