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Voyager: Generating shared value in Ghana

In July 2015, Maersk Drilling commenced operation in Ghana for the first time, utilizing the ultra deepwater drillship, Maersk Voyager.

Voyager: Generating shared value in Ghana

Local growth and resource development have been key elements of our business activities in Ghana. By the end of 2018, we are operating with over 54% local staff offshore Voyager, 71% local staff onshore, and a wide network of local suppliers. With one of our joint venture partners, Rigworld Ghana, we have significantly expanded the range
of locally available goods and services. The idea is simple: develop maximum local capacity through a strong partnership. Rigworld has established a logistics and warehousing facility and an offshore training facility in Takoradi.

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Interceptor xx.jpg
Interceptor setting a Norwegian record by drilling more than a mile in one day
Integrator: Diverter line modification
Maersk Explorer 1 (1).jpg
Implementing self-verification onboard Maersk Explorer
Maersk Deliverer 2.jpg
Deliverer: Water depth record deployment of PMCD
Maersk Discoverer  0195 (1).png
Discoverer Drilling HPHT wells offshore Egypt