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Intrepid: Hi-tech rig on Martin Linge field

New technology has allowed Total to save the need to drill a 5th oil well.

Intrepid: Hi-tech rig on Martin Linge field

Operating offshore of Norway at the Martin Linge field under HPHT and MPD conditions, Maersk Intrepid delivered four oil wells, six gas wells and one injector, while using the wired drill pipe technology. This technology delivered live data to the driller, which meant that it was possible to extend the total depth of the reservoir section of the fourth well to the next target – thereby saving the client, Total, from having to drill a fifth oil well.

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Interceptor xx.jpg
Interceptor setting a Norwegian record by drilling more than a mile in one day
Integrator: Diverter line modification
Maersk Explorer 1 (1).jpg
Implementing self-verification onboard Maersk Explorer
Maersk Deliverer 2.jpg
Deliverer: Water depth record deployment of PMCD
Maersk Discoverer  0195 (1).png
Discoverer Drilling HPHT wells offshore Egypt