Going that extra mile

The coronavirus crisis is putting many parts of our industry under heavy pressure. In Maersk Drilling our onshore and offshore teams are working dedicated with our customer to meet the challenges.

Going that extra mile

On Maersk Discoverer, crew changes have been pushed forward, supplies are flowing, and people are volunteering to stay longer on the rig.

To anticipate border closings and airport shutdowns, the onshore teams have worked relentlessly to onboard colleagues who were still able to make a crew change. At the same time, HR and our travel agency, together with our customer, are busy finding flights for those who had to return home before international flights out of Egypt were closed.

 "People are really stepping up. I'm impressed by the attitude," says OIM Christian Johnsen.

Despite all the challenges he is confident that operations will run smoothly and that the upcoming contract shift scheduled for early April will go ahead as planned. The crew is showing great willingness to tackle the difficult situation to secure operations. Daily checks are made to secure that everyone is OK, particularly those who are working extra hours.

"Our main focus is obviously on securing that we have key personnel is in place, even in a situation where Egypt has closed for air traffic. So here, like other places in the company, we are finding alternative routes to get in and out."

On Discoverer, as on many of our other rigs, many people are ready to stay longer on the rig to secure business continuity.

"One of my senior DPOs, Renata, just contacted me saying that she would like to stay for a prolonged period", says Christian. "I'm proud that we have people like her ready to go the extra mile and ensure that our operations continue in a safe and reliable way."

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