First successful delivery of virtual DWOP to Total Angola

In early July Maersk Drilling successfully delivered a virtual Drill Well on Paper (eDWOP) workshop for a campaign with Maersk Voyager for Total Angola.

First successful delivery of virtual DWOP to Total Angola

While COVID-19 has challenged Maersk Drilling in many ways, it has also brought forward opportunities to find smarter ways of working.

This was the case when Total Angola requested Maersk Drilling to deliver a DWOP workshop prior to drilling the ultra-deep water well, Ondjaba-1, with the drillship Maersk Voyager. A DWOP is a planning and alignment workshop where the customer, drilling contractor and service companies meet in person to ensure a smooth, efficient and safe operation by reviewing all project-related opportunities and risks.

The high-profile Ondjaba-1 well is expected to break a world record this autumn by drilling at more than 3600 meter water depth. Campaigns like this require careful planning and alignment among all stakeholders. The DWOP workshop prior to commencing work ensures that happens.

A typical DWOP involves around 50 people meeting face-to-face in the country of the operation. Due to COVID-19 it was not possible to bring the team together in-person for a traditional DWOP in Angola.

 The challenge of not being able to convene the three parties in person in Angola, quickly became an opportunity to test a new solution. On short notice, the Maersk Drilling Business Performance Team designed and implemented a virtual format for the DWOP which included alignment sessions, risk assessments, document sharing groups, work sessions and moderated discussions.

“Being a proactive partner, Maersk Drilling quickly took ownership of this situation to make sure that the campaign could move forward and at the same time not compromise project integrity. We took the responsibility to ensure alignment on operation execution among all parties to give Total the confidence that all stakeholders were fully prepare to drill the well in an efficient, consistent and safe manner,” says Soren Weiss Hartmann, Senior Project Manager from the Business Performance Team.

Maersk Drilling is among the first to introduce the eDWOP format to the industry, which will revolutionise how DWOPs are done in the future. The pilot case with Total in Angola proves that the customer doesn’t have to carry the cost of flying in all participants, which in some cases can cost up to 1 million USD.

“Staying proactive and taking ownership of the challenges that come our way is just part of how we work in Maersk Drilling. We want to offer this virtual format for eDWOPs going forward because we know that it works, and most importantly offers efficiency gains for all parties involved,” says Soren Hartmann, Senior Project Manager.

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