Ensuring that the chain doesn’t break

Focusing on four key focus areas, Maersk Drilling’s Supply Chain function is working around the clock to secure business continuity for our customers.

Ensuring that the chain doesn’t break

Under normal circumstances, most of us don’t have to give thought to how a spare part gets from A to B, how food and drinks arrive at the rig, or how service providers are readily available to travel offshore when need be. In the wake of COVID-19, Maersk Drilling’s supply chain has taken centre stage, and colleagues across the globe are doing an amazing job to ensure that the chain doesn’t break.

Ensuring provisions are available
According to Supply Chain Manager Hans-Henrik Stensaker most rigs are in a good place regarding provisions supply. “All in all, stock levels are looking good for the coming week with regards to provisions flow, and at this point in time there is little to no risk to ensure provisions can be supplied across the fleet,” says Hans-Henrik and continues, “We will continue to monitor stock levels continuously and monitor all catering suppliers to ensure the needed deliveries, while we continue to face the challenges resulting from COVID-19.”

The rigs have been recommended to stock up on critical parts and PPE equipment to cater for the longer lead time and logistics handling time currently experienced.

Making global logistics run

From a transport perspective, new challenges arise every day. “Creativity is key these days,” says Christina Agersbæk, Global Logistics Manager, “We have to utilise the full knowledge within the team and keep in close dialogue with logistics service providers to stay as close to “business as usual” as possible. To mitigate the risk of delays of shipments to the rigs, we are using alternative options and routes.”

Mobilising service personnel for critical jobs
When it became apparent that the offshore industry was looking at a prolonged impact from COVID-19, a list of suppliers who are actively providing service personnel to our rigs was identified. Together with the rig teams, the Operational Supply Chain team did a full mapping of all service jobs to be carried out, along with a categorisation exercise to provide important guidance on which critical jobs to prioritise.

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