Mærsk Developer: Shell Floater of the Year 2018

Customer Shell has named Maersk Developer winner of Shell’s 2018 Rig of the Year award for floaters. Despite what could be perceived as a challenging start, a new shore base was set up in Trinidad, the rig was successfully reactivated, and the Developer team delivered an outstanding operational achievement with zero incidents.

Mærsk Developer: Shell Floater of the Year 2018

Shell cites both a perfect safety score and consistent operations as the main contributing factors to the operation’s success. In addition, this is the first time a Maersk Drilling Floater conducts work for Shell.

“The Mærsk Developer has been challenged and succeeded every step of the way, starting from rig reactivation and crew ramp up in less than 90 days, allowing operation commencement in the very first week of the contractual commencement window,” says Ahmed Ezz, Unit Director of Mærsk Developer. “We outperformed our peers in just six months of operations with almost 80% new crew on-board, and above all, conducted the entire campaign with zero incidents. That’s indeed an outstanding achievement.”

Ahmed also stresses that the values of Maersk Drilling played an important role during operations.

“The collaboration between Mærsk Drilling and Shell during the Starfish campaign was key to our success,” he says. “We faced our challenges with humbleness and uprightness, addressing it openly with one another, concluding with practical solutions, in an efficient and timely manner.”

“Finally, and most significantly, our people’s joint efforts, both onshore and offshore teams, were undoubtedly the most essential element to this success. The remarkable level of visible leadership demonstrated by our offshore team, the competency of our local crews, and the persistent efforts from our onshore team was what made it all possible!” says Ahmed.

Mærsk Developer demonstrated higher safety and environmental performance than its peers (perfect score), while delivering consistently quarter on quarter, making the rig a predictable performer with highest overall performance score. — Shell on Mærsk Developer

Despite previous operations in Trinidad roughly 11 years ago, Maersk Drilling had to set up a new shore base for the operation to once again become familiar with working in Trinidad and Tobago.

In addition to this, the operation included third party services offered and delivered successfully by the team. These included ROV, solids control and cement pumping services. However, the added complexity of the operation has not held Mærsk Developer and its crew back from performing at the highest level.

Double winner

Mærsk Developer was not the only Maersk Drilling rig named Shell Rig of Year in 2018. Maersk Convincer was awarded the prize for the jack-up segment, making Maersk Drilling double winner of Shell’s 2018 Rig of the Year awards. In a statement shared with Maersk Drilling, Shell describes its awards as follows:

The awards recognize outstanding contribution to Shell's goals of achieving Goal Zero, performance delivery, excelling above the competition, and exhibiting the collaborative behaviours that lead to success for both Wells and its contractors and suppliers.

“This is a great achievement for all of Maersk Drilling,” says Maersk Drilling’s CEO Jorn Madsen, “recognising both operational excellence and our capacity to stay safe. A special congratulations to the asset teams, the rig managers, and not least to our offshore colleagues, who work tirelessly every day to keep our operations running at the highest level.”


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