Going above and beyond in Suriname

Maersk Drilling drilled this exploration well in around 500m water depth for our customer PETRONAS, resulting in a discovery.

Going above and beyond in Suriname

Successful start-up during Covid

The campaign took place in the middle of a global pandemic. Set-up was challenging given the lack of available services, Covid restrictions and logistics challenges. Our presence across the Caribbean region meant we could leverage services and benefit from our existing set-up in Trinidad, which remained our main regional source of supplies. At the time there were very limited commercial flights, and there were major difficulties in transporting people from all over the world in and out of the region. In close collaboration with PETRONAS we overcame all of this.

Delivery ahead of time

The team’s problem-solving capabilities and collaborative approach meant we were able to craft new solutions and work around challenges. Ultimately, the well operation went ahead on time, was executed well, without injuries, and completed ahead of schedule – and resulted in a discovery for PETRONAS.

Partnership drives efficiencies

We worked closely with PETRONAS as One Team throughout the project, providing several additional drilling services, which improved efficiencies while reducing the workload for PETRONAS. In addition, we provided help and support well beyond the normal scope of a drilling contractor:

  • Delivered onboard a drilling simulator and coach.
  • Shared our charter flights and supply vessels.
  • Arranged an extra medic to allay Covid concerns.
  • Set up and ran electronic BOP testing software onboard on behalf of customer.
  • Procured hardware and personnel to set up the PETRONAS IT networks on the rig.
  • Established microsite providing operational updates for PETRONAS and Maersk Drilling staff located elsewhere.

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