Equatorial Guinea - creating long-term value on a short-term contract

In 2019, we operated in Equatorial Guinea for the very first time with Maersk Voyager – a start-up that was remarkable in multiple ways.

Equatorial Guinea - creating long-term value on a short-term contract

Maersk Voyager mobilised from Ghana after successfully completing its work there. Three days later, the rig started up operations in Equatorial Guinea – with 46% local crews.

The start-up was both efficient and safe, and during the operations in Equatorial Guinea the rig could celebrate more than 1,000 days without an LTI.

With a contract duration of less than 5 months, it left us with limited room for making traditional long-term local investments. Instead, we invested in five local talents who we sent on a crane operator course to upskill them for future work, thereby making a long-term investment in their talent.

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