Maersk Convincer: Shell Jack-up of the Year 2018

Customer Shell has chosen Maersk Convincer as jack-up of the year, in recognition of the rig’s successful operation offshore Brunei. The result was achieved in combination with a high focus on local development, exceeding targets on both local content and local procurement.

Maersk Convincer: Shell Jack-up of the Year 2018

Since the rig swap in September last year – swapping Maersk Convincer for Maersk Completer – the crew and asset team of the Maersk Convincer has worked tirelessly to achieve excellence in both operation and safety. As a result, for the first 90 days of operation, the Maersk Convincer was near incident free.

A range of challenges were overcome during the operation, but the choice of Maersk Convincer as Jack-up of the Year ultimately has three main reasons, says Rig Manager Michael McLean.

“Operational excellence, a high level of quality local employees, and HSE performance were the main reasons for this success. We have delivered best in class wells in the client’s top quartile, and we have met both Brunei Shell Petroleum’s budget and AFE, something we could not have done without the combined efforts of the entire team, both on- and offshore.”

As key contributing factors to its safe operations, Michael mentions frequent feedback and conducting workshops on safe operations, focusing on education and knowledge sharing. In addition, a close relationship with the client that has led to optimisations throughout the operation.

Maersk Convincer was consistently in the top quartile for operational performance for the entire year of 2018 and best performing for three quarters continuously.
Shell on the performance of Maersk Convincer

Double winner

Maersk Convincer was not the only Maersk Drilling rig named Shell Rig of Year in 2018. Maersk Developer was awarded the prize for the floater segment, making Maersk Drilling double winner of Shell’s 2018 Rig of the Year awards. In a statement shared with Maersk Drilling, Shell describes its awards as follows:

The awards recognize outstanding contribution to Shell's goals of achieving Goal Zero, performance delivery, excelling above the competition, and exhibiting the collaborative behaviours that lead to success for both Wells and its contractors and suppliers.

“This is a great achievement for all of Maersk Drilling,” says Maersk Drilling’s CEO Jorn Madsen, “recognising both operational excellence and our capacity to stay safe. A special congratulations to the asset teams, the rig managers, and not least to our offshore colleagues, who work tirelessly every day to keep our operations running at the highest level.”

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