Combining two rigs for flexible exploration

Two deepwater floaters with complementary capabilities work flexibly to meet the requirements of TotalEnergies’ exploration campaign in Suriname.

Combining two rigs for flexible exploration

Meeting a range of needs  

In February 2021 Maersk Drilling started work for TotalEnergies in Suriname, using two of our deepwater floaters, the drillship Maersk Valiant and semi-submersible Maersk Developer, to provide highly flexible operational capabilities.  

With the unknown future of an exploration campaign, using a combination of rigs means we can easily adapt to what the reservoir holds. 

The rigs are being used for a broad range of operations, drilling at different water depths where there are different needs, including making use of Maersk Valiant’s MPD and Maersk Developer’s mooring capabilities. They are supported by a large team and crew which enable us to easily handle any key activities needed.  

Key additional services 

TotalEnergies asked us to provide them with a number of additional services, including solids control and tank cleaning, H2S safety equipment and methanol storage. We integrate these services with the rest of our work in a seamless way, enabling highly efficient well delivery.