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Dealing on a daily basis with a number of subcontractors involved in slops treatment is time-consuming and often inefficient. Maersk Drilling’s Slops treatment package takes this administrative burden off your hands, freeing your teams to focus on your core operations and typically offering a more efficient use of resources.

Slops are the by-products of drilling operations such as rainwater, contaminated drilling fluid, fluids from drains, cleaning waste and wastewater, and are generated in all phases of constructing a well.

A slops unit installed on the rig can efficiently process wastewater generated during drilling and completion operations, including oil-contaminated brines, seawater, surfactants, rainwater, and other wastewater.

Maersk Drilling can take over responsibility for this operation, reducing your administrative burden and delivering better resource utilisation. We offer two kinds of Slops treatment, we can tailor either to your requirements:

  • A package solution that can handle all the by-products generated in the drilling operations
  • A simple solution for handling wastewater

The problem

Managing a slops contractor during well operations adds to your team’s operational complexity.

The procurement and management of slops treatment, the process of separating slops, water and oil interfaces from the well, and cleaning waste and rainwater generated during drilling operations is a continuous, ongoing administrative challenge. Your team has to plan and manage the slops treatment crew and the activities of several subcontractors, while liaising constantly with the slops contractor – a major distraction from the core activities that matter most to you.

Our Solution

We can take over the management of slops treatment and coordinate with your slops contractor on your behalf. This includes procuring equipment and personnel and ensuring your expectations and standards are met. This service is part of our focus on Smarter Drilling for Better Value and strengthening our sustainability journey. It improves safety and efficiency and reduces complexity by integrating services and exploring innovative approaches – while making it easier to operate in a more environmentally friendly way.

Key benefits

  • Convenience
  • Commercial risk sharing
  • Resource efficiency
  • Simplified operation

Integrated slops treatment track record

Drilling campaign, Angola, 2020-2021

Slops treatment was managed by Maersk Drilling. An installed slops treatment unit prevented the need to back load fluids when cleaning the pits in between wells.

Operator benefits:

Reduced NPT

Saving up to $60k

Download material

Download material

Download our product information sheet and case story sheet.

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