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By managing ROV operations on your behalf, Maersk Drilling can simplify day to day operations for your team, allowing you to focus on your value-adding activities. At the same time we can deliver better resource utilisation and improve certainty over costs and timings.

Maersk Drilling’s integrated approach to ROV activities offers a simpler and more efficient way of working than the traditional one. Instead of our customers managing the relationship with the ROV supplier, Maersk Drilling takes over the relationship, making it easier to coordinate our actions and work in more streamlined ways. This significantly reduces the administrative tasks your team have to handle – allowing you to focus on your core activities.

The problem

Managing the ROV supplier is an added administrative and project management burden that puts  a strain on your team. It can  also be an inefficient process that may lead to a more complicated communication chain, making delays more  likely, and it makes it harder  to introduce more advanced ways of working.

Our Solution

Maersk Drilling can take over the management of the ROV supplier, collaborating closely and using our skilled offshore employees to support their operations. We will agree a standard package with you, defining the levels of ROV support, and then ensure this is implemented.

Close collaboration with the ROV supplier makes it easier to optimise our ways of working and enable implementation of leading new technologies to give better control and video imaging, more precise tool manipulation and remote operation. This integrated service helps us achieve Smarter Drilling for Better Value for our customers – improving safety, driving efficiency and reducing complexity by exploring innovative integrated approaches.

ROV is a critical service and therefore in accordance with API Spec Q2 the suppliers will be subjected to regular audits and performance reviews.

Key benefits

  • Convenience
  • Commercial risk sharing
  • Predictability
  • Safety and Quality

Integrated ROV track record

Ongoing drilling campaign, Ghana, March 2018-present

ROV managed by Maersk Drilling alongside cuttings handling and cement pumping and mixing

Operator benefits:

reduced admin burden, strong attention to readiness of services

Overall service NPT:


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Download material

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