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Performance Lead

PO Performance Lead Front Page

Our Performance Leads focus on improving efficiency across a drilling campaign. Working offshore directly for your company representative, they draw on a uniquely detailed knowledge of our rigs and people to drive performance improvements and help you exceed your operational and financial targets, while developing a One Team culture.

The Performance Lead role in detail

Performance Leads work back-to-back offshore from the moment the operation begins – and sometimes during the final phase of planning.

They are the focal point for the information gathered about operational efficiency. They go through the findings from previous operations, extract learnings, and implement improvements into future activities – thus unlocking the full potential of the operation, while communicating all this back to the customer.

The Performance Lead role includes:

  • Leading Advance Planning meetings, Weekly Performance meetings and After Action Reviews
  • Ensuring optimal utilisation of offline capabilities
  • Conducting observation studies to identify ILT in operations
  • Following up on agreed actions to implement lessons learned
  • Responding to daily performance figures at operations meetings
  • Ensuring all parties offshore are ready for upcoming operations
  • Communicating rig performance to the team and sharing lessons learned

Key benefits

  • Maximise utilisation of people and equipment
  • Reduce time on well
  • Reduce operational expenditure
  • Improve safety

Example from a drilling campaign with Maersk Discoverer

Continuous improvement of the wireline operation during 4 wells reduced the wireline rig up / rig down time by


Download material

Download material

Download product information sheet, meet our Performance Lead and read our case stories.

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Can a Performance Lead make a difference to your drilling operation?

Talk to us to find out more. We can even put you in touch with one of our Performance Leads to give you a first-hand understanding of what he can offer.

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