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Maersk Drilling’s Drill Well On Paper (DWOP) is a highly effective tool for optimising your drilling operation. We are able to draw on vast operational data and lessons learned across the Maersk Drilling fleet to ensure you achieve results in the safest and most efficient way possible.

Bringing a group of experts together outside their normal working environment, the DWOP creates a space for thinking outside the box, focusing on ‘what ifs’ and identifying risks and opportunities in a unique collaborative atmosphere.

With hundreds of years of experience in the room, knowledge and lessons learned in different contexts can be shared across the team. In effect the DWOP is a dry run of the operation, but with the luxury of time to identify and think through opportunities and challenges in advance. The result is an exponentially greater number and quality of insights than individuals working alone could generate: the whole is much greater than the sum of its parts.

The DWOP is also a powerful tool for team building. The team who will work together on the drilling operation get to know each other in a positive, focused environment and start developing a One Team attitude.

The workshop is followed within 24 hours by a detailed Action Tracker that lists all tasks to be addressed, with clear actions and responsibilities.

Why choose the Maersk Drilling DWOP:

The benefit of choosing Maersk Drilling for your DWOP comes down to two things, access and knowledge. Our skilled and experienced facilitators have access to fleet wide lessons learned and information directly from the rig team. They also have inside knowledge of our rigs’ capabilities and our way of working. Both these factors create a more insightful, collaborative and ultimately effective DWOP.

These benefits are evident when delivering the Maersk Drilling DWOP service.

The process:

1. Preparation phase

During preparation, instead of only including standard documents like the drilling programme, risk assessment, etc, we have access to unique information from the rig team about the specific campaign and the specific rig, allowing us to customise the workshop in advance. We’re also able to build deep knowledge about our customer ahead of the actual workshop.

2. Execution phase

Our facilitators support you in hosting the workshop. During the workshop the actions are recorded digitally rather than using paper, flipcharts etc. This makes it easier to present during the DWOP and simpler and faster to edit during and after discussions.

3. Follow up phase

Because we’ve recorded the DWOP’s findings digitally, we can consolidate and share them more quickly into a report with conclusions and actions.

4. Implementation phase

Because the DWOP has been run by our own facilitators, there is a greater sense of internal ownership and understanding within the company. The findings are shared directly with our rig team so they are engaged earlier and can implement the actions more efficiently.

Key benefits

  • Improve safety by eliminating hazards
  • Ensure smooth operation and reduce time on well
  • Improve quality (doing what we plan)
  • Build a One Team mindset
  • Reduce cost

Example of results

6 production wells campaign

During DWOP 162 actions points on critical path were identified

Saving 8% of total duration time

Download material

Download material

Download product information sheet and meet our workshop facilitator.

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