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Maersk Drilling can take over the management of cuttings handling from your team, allowing you to focus on your core value-adding activities. We will work directly with the cuttings handling supplier, drawing on our engineering capabilities to ensure successful technical solutions –  saving you an administrative challenge that delivers no value to you.

The traditional approach to cuttings handling, where the operator provides the technical specification and liaises closely with the supplier, can be avoided. It is an inefficient way of working that fails to exploit the strengths of each party involved. Maersk Drilling’s integrated service is simpler and more streamlined, delivers greater predictability and removes a significant administrative burden from your team.

The problem

Managing a cuttings handling subcontractor is a time-consuming task that requires close collaboration and detailed technical input. This puts strain on your team and can introduce inefficiencies, distracting you from your core activities. The resulting sub-optimal solutions can lead to increased delays and costs.

Our Solution

Maersk Drilling can take over the management of cuttings handling, working closely with the supplier to draw up technical solutions we know will work.

You tell us what solution you want and we will ensure it is delivered. We can accommodate any kind of solution by drawing on our engineering capabilities and the close relationship we already have with the supplier.

Working in this way helps us achieve Smarter Drilling for Better Value for our customers – improving safety, driving efficiency and reducing complexity by exploring innovative integrated approaches.

Cuttings handling is a critical service and therefore in accordance with API Spec Q2 the suppliers will be subjected  to regular audits and performance reviews.

Key benefits

  • Convenience
  • Commercial risk sharing
  • Predictability
  • Quality and safety

Integrated cuttings handling track record

6 month drilling campaign, Trinidad, 2018 Cuttings handling

Cuttings handling managed by Maersk Drilling alongside cement pumping and mixing, ROV and towing

Operator benefits:

reduced admin burden

Overall service NPT:


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Download material

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