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The procurement and management of cement pumping and mixing services puts constant demand on your team to manage and liaise with your cementing supplier. Maersk Drilling can take over responsibility for large parts of this operation, reducing your administrative burden and delivering better resource utilisation.

Our integrated approach to cement unit management removes the day to day management of this service from you. Our team on the rig will manage the cementing subcontractor’s readiness to perform cement pumping and other related services such as pressure testing, while your own supplier delivers the cement, chemicals and the engineering of the process. This close partnership between us and your supplier is a simpler, more integrated and streamlined way of working that delivers better resource utilisation.

The problem

  • Managing supplier readiness for cement pumping and mixing on board the rig is a drain on your resources.
  • Cement unit operations requires that one or two people are always available to carry out cement pumping, but they are often not used all the time and sometimes not all day.

Our Solution

Maersk Drilling can take over the management of cement mixing and pumping, liaising with the cementer on your behalf to be ready and finding ways to remove ILT and inefficiencies.

This service is part of our focus on Smarter Drilling for Better Value – improving safety and efficiency and reducing complexity by integrating services and exploring innovative approaches.

Key benefits

  • Convenience
  • Commercial risk sharing
  • Resource efficiency
  • Simplified operation

Integrated cementing track record example

6 month drilling campaign, Trinidad, 2018 Cement unit management

Cement unit management by Maersk Drilling alongside cuttings handling, ROV and towing

Operator benefits:

reduced admin burden

Overall service NPT:


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Download material

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