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Maersk Drilling’s integrated casing running service frees you to focus on your core activities without the continual need to manage a third party supplier. The service not only reduces your administrative workload but can also give you greater certainty on costs. 

The problem

Dealing with a subcontractor during casing running operations adds to the operational complexity you face. Planning and managing the casing crew and coordinating their activities, while doing the same with several other third parties, is a continuous, ongoing administrative challenge, both offshore and onshore. It’s a distraction from the core activities that matter most to  you.

Our Solution

Maersk Drilling is able to take over the management of casing running operations, including sourcing, day to day operations and administrative processes. This service is part of our focus on Smarter Drilling for Better Value – improving safety, efficiency and reducing complexity by integrating services and exploring innovative approaches.

We define required levels of safety, performance and quality in master service agreements with reputable casing running vendors. The supplier contracts include a detailed scope of work to ensure the service meets the standards you require, and the commercial model incentivises suppliers to deliver high quality.

Key benefits

  • Convenience
  • Commercial risk sharing
  • Predictability
  • Safety and Quality

Integrated casing running track record example

5 Month drilling campaign, Malaysia, 2017-18

Casing running managed by Maersk Drilling alongside several other integrated services.

Operator benefits:

reduced admin burden enabling smaller onshore team

Overall service NPT:


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Download material

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