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Maersk Drilling’s After Action Review (AAR) is a highly effective tool for identifying NPT and ILT as well as optimising your ongoing and future drilling operations. Our direct access to the offshore rig crew’s lessons learned and feedback as well as our own internal operational data makes this a powerful and efficient AAR.

The Maersk Drilling AAR is a unique opportunity to analyse an operation and learn all the lessons it can teach. Our AAR can be used to improve performance on an ongoing drilling campaign, or used at the end of the campaign to capture learnings and define actions for future use.

By bringing together stakeholders and using operational performance data, lessons learned, including detailed lessons learned directly from the offshore crew, our AAR can deliver insights that would otherwise be missed.

The workshop is followed within 24 hours by a detailed Action Tracker that lists all tasks to be addressed, with clear actions and responsibilities.

Why choose the Maersk Drilling AAR:

The benefit of choosing Maersk Drilling for your AAR comes down to two things: knowledge and access.

Our skilled and experienced facilitators have a deep knowledge of the rig and the operation. They have direct access to rig performance data and the offshore rig crew to uncover precisely the right detailed information. These factors create a more insightful, collaborative and ultimately more effective AAR.

The process:

1. Preparation phase

During preparation, instead of including only the most visible lessons learned and operational data, we also have access to unique information obtained directly from the rig team and the crew onboard.

This allows us to customise the workshop in advance, digging deeper into the details to analyse the data.

2. Execution phase

Our facilitators host, or can support you in hosting, the After Action Review. During the workshop all actions are recorded digitally rather than using paper, flipcharts etc. This ensures a smoother and more efficient process during the AAR as it’s easier to edit during and after discussions.

3. Follow up phase

As the AAR’s findings are recorded digitally, we can consolidate them into a report and share them more quickly with conclusions and actions

4. Implementation phase

Because the AAR has been run by our own facilitators, there is a greater sense of internal ownership and understanding within the company. The findings are shared directly with our rig team so they are engaged earlier and can implement the actions more efficiently.

Key benefits

  • Identify and address cost and time issues
  • Identify and address NPT and ILT
  • Ensure smooth operations
  • Improve quality (doing what we plan)
  • Identify safety issues

Resolute in Denmark

Typical results Production well campaign

BOP testing time reduced

Connection time reduced by:


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Download material

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