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Additional Service Products

IS Slops Product

Maersk Drilling offers two sets of services for more efficient drilling:

Integrated Services: Maersk Drilling can manage a variety of tasks handled by third party suppliers, including cementing, the handling of cuttings, integrated casing running and managing ROVs.

Performance Optimisation: A suite of four linked services to improve the performance of your drilling operation from planning through to after action reviews.

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Maersk Drilling offers a wide range of Integrated Service and Performance Optimisation products


Our products increase the efficiency of your well delivery


Reduced overall well cost


We take on some of the risk


Less non-productive time


Reduce admin burden


Increase efficiencies


Services work more cooperatively together

Our four drivers for increasing the efficiency of well delivery form the foundation of our products: Increase Certainty, Reduce Time, Reduce Waste and Reduce Emissions

This is Smarter Drilling for Better Value

Our Product Packages

IS Frontpage
Integrated service package

Our Integrated Services package means we manage subcontractors on your behalf as one seamless unit, just as we manage all our own services on the rig. It’s a simpler, more integrated and streamlined way of working that delivers better resource utilisation and frees you to focus on your critical well activities.

Video Integrated Services
Download material

Download material

Read more about the Integrated Service package and our proven track record.

Key benefits

  • Maersk Drilling take on some of the risk
  • More certainty of costs
  • Services work more cooperatively together
  • Increase efficiencies

Integrated Services work
together as One Team

Our Integrated Service Products

IS Casing Frontpage
Casing Running

Maersk Drilling’s integrated casing running service frees you up to focus on your core activities and reduces your administrative workload, but can also give you greater certainty on costs.

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Cement Unit Management

The procurement and management of cement pumping and mixing services puts constant demand on your team to manage and liaise with your cementing supplier. Maersk Drilling can take over responsibility for this operation, reducing your administrative burden and delivering better resource utilization.

IS Cuttings Frontpage
Cuttings Handling

Maersk Drilling can take over the management of cuttings handling from your team and work directly with the cuttings handling supplier, saving you an administrative challenge that delivers no value to you.

IS ROV Frontpage Block

By managing ROV operations on your behalf, Maersk Drilling can simplify day to day operations for your team, allowing you to focus on your value-adding activities.

IS Slops Frontpage
Slops Treatment

Maersk Drilling can take over the management of slops treatment and coordinate with your slops contractor on your behalf. This includes procuring equipment and personnel and ensuring your expectations and standards are met.

Performance Optimisation Package

IS Frontpage

Maersk Drilling’s Performance Optimisation package is designed to help you optimise your entire drilling operation – not just our part in it.

A team of our experts look closely at every detail of the operation and bring their experience and insight to bear by optimising all aspects including logistics, timings, contractors and equipment. It’s a proven methodology that consistently results in a more efficient, more consistent and safer operation across the board.

Video Performance Optimisation
Download material

Download material

Read more about the Integrated Service package.

Key benefits

  • Reduce cost
  • Improve quality
  • Improve safety
  • Enjoy a convenient service

Save time

Savings could be as much as


on a longer campaign

Our Performance Optimisation Products

PO AAR Frontpage
After Action Review (AAR)

Maersk Drilling’s After Action Review (AAR) is a highly effective tool for identifying NPT and ILT as well as optimising your ongoing and future drilling operations.

Our direct access to the offshore rig crew’s lessons learned and feedback as well as our own internal operational data makes this a powerful and efficient AAR.

PO DWOP Frontpage
Drill Well On Paper (DWOP)

Maersk Drilling’s Drill Well On Paper (DWOP) is a highly effective tool for optimising your drilling operation. We are able to draw on vast operational data and lessons learned across the Maersk Drilling fleet to ensure you achieve results in the safest and most efficient way possible.

PO Performance Lead Front Page
Performance Lead

Our Performance Leads focus on improving efficiency across a drilling campaign. Working offshore directly for your company representative, they draw on a uniquely detailed knowledge of our rigs and people to drive performance improvements, helping you exceed your operational and financial targets while developing a One Team culture.

PO Senior Drilling Advisor Product
Senior Drilling Advisor

Working in your office throughout planning and execution, the Senior Drilling Advisor brings unrivalled rig-specific experience to focus on one goal: optimising the quality and efficiency of a drilling operation on your behalf, while never compromising on safety.

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