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Our suppliers are key development partners for us. Together we grow and expand our business and explore new ways to do it in a more sustainable way. With our ambitious growth plans, we are always looking for new partners who share our values and ambition to become people and planet positive. The following guidelines, prepared for you, should clarify aspects of our potential future cooperation.

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How to become a Maersk Drilling supplier

The following seven steps outline the process of becoming a potential supplier in Maersk Drilling's supply base for offshore drilling contracts:


Potential suppliers selected

All potential suppliers are selected and engaged by Maersk Drilling for the following activities:

  • tenders
  • sourcing activities
  • opening new locations for the offshore drilling

Complete a Supplier Registration Form

Supplier Procurement

Potential suppliers wishing to commence cooperation with Maersk Drilling are obliged to fill in the below forms.

  • Form for Supplier Registration – low or high risk - depending on the scope of work for which supplier is selected.
Supplier Registration Form

The data you provide via this form is necessary to:

  • Ensure the compliance to the Maersk Drilling requirements
  • Create supplier records in Maersk Drilling’s ERP system
  • Issue a PO
  • Contact you as a potential supplier for potential work

Read Maersk Drilling’s General Terms and Conditions

Potential suppliers are subject to Maersk Drilling's General Terms and Conditions. In order to be registered as an approved Maersk Drilling supplier, please familiarise yourself with the Terms and Conditions document.


Requirements for suppliers providing services offshore and/or onboard Maersk Drilling rigs

Maersk Drilling has partnered with Achilles / ISNetworld (ISN) to assist pre-qualifying our suppliers that are required to work offshore on our units. This supports our endeavor towards a safe and sustainable workplace for all our employees, contractors, suppliers, and customers. All suppliers who wish to continue qualifying for ongoing projects with Maersk Drilling must be registered with all required data entered within either one of our prequalification partners. As well, suppliers must adhere to the oil and gas standard knock-for-knock clause between contracting parties.

The following is checked using these two systems:

  • Health and Safety Policy Questionnaire
  • Safety Statistics
  • Mutual Hold Harmless Agreement
  • Liability Insurance
  • Responsible Procurement
  • Subcontractor Management Plan

Responsible Supply Chain


Not only is Maersk Drilling dedicated to ensuring high standards for sustainability across its own operations, but the company’s environmental and social impact extends across its entire value chain, including the multitude of suppliers that are procured and engaged with every year. Maersk Drilling has a strong commitment to sustainability. Maersk Drilling's preferred suppliers have a comprehensive sustainability strategy or are in the process of developing it.

Responsible Procurement Assessment:

Responsible procurement is a key area of Maersk Drilling's sustainability ambitions as a drilling contractor. Therefore, suppliers must commit to our Third Party Code of Conduct and have social and environmental practices and processes in place, that align with those of Maersk Drilling’s. This is established through the RP program during supplier creation and repeated once every 24 months.

We aim to:

  • Develop local supplier competencies and implement fixed price agreements
  • Consolidate spend with tail suppliers
  • Conduct more frequent supplier performance management
 Yards (inclusive of RIGs under construction, major SPS and repairs)
  • New builds yards
  • Repair yards
  • Refurbishment of RIGs
  • RIGs with large maintenance activities
Security and Safety
  • Guard services
  • Personal Protection Equipment (PPE)
Offshore services
  • Contract labor
  • Personnel Recruitment – manning suppliers
  • Catering services
  • General services – for all suppliers which are delivering services on board the MD RIG and which countries of origin are mentioned in the grey and black lists of FATF
  • Cleaning staff and environmental management

Legal Due Diligence

Supplier Reg Form

Maersk Drilling is committed to complying with all applicable anti-corruption, fair competition and foreign trade control laws and regulations affecting our operations. For that reason, all suppliers must undergo legal compliance due diligence screening as an essential step to assessing eligibility to do business with Maersk Drilling. An enhanced due diligence process is conducted with certain suppliers, including those who may represent us vis-à-vis third parties. If you are in scope for enhanced due diligence, you will be contacted separately. We ask and expect all in-scope suppliers to actively participate in this enhanced due diligence process.


Additional documents for US suppliers

W8 form (for US companies)

One of the forms required for suppliers is used by the US companies as a supporting document and a requirement for suppliers to be created or extended to US companies. Form W-8 is used by non-resident aliens who work and/or make income in the US or for foreign businesses who have income in the US.

W9 form (for US companies)

One of the forms required for suppliers is used by the US companies as a supporting document and a requirement for suppliers to be created or extended to US companies.

Registering as an Approved Supplier

Registering as an Approved Supplier

In order to be registered as an approved Maersk Drilling supplier you are obliged to complete a Supplier Registration Form and familiarize yourself our terms and conditions.


Legal Compliance

Our suppliers are an extension of Maersk Drilling

Maersk Drilling recognise the contributions that our suppliers make to the success of our company and the value they create for our partners and customers. In significant ways, our suppliers are an extension of Maersk Drilling, and how our suppliers operate reflects directly on our company. Therefore, we hold our suppliers to a high standard of business ethics.

We expect our suppliers to:

  • Act in a manner consistent with the Maersk Drilling Code of Conduct
  • Specifically comply with our Legal Compliance Requirements for Third Parties.
  • Operate in full alignment with our Core Values of Constant Care, Humbleness, Uprightness, Our Employees and Our Name. Our Core Values were ingrained into our operations by the founders of the Maersk Group and have remained our guiding principles over the half century of Maersk Drilling’s existence.

Invoicing Information

External Vendor Information required:

  • Supplier company name – legal name of supplier
  • Supplier registered address
  • Supplier VAT registration number
  • Supplier contact person, telephone number and e - mail address
  • Supplier bank account for receiving the payment (all available supplier’s bank accounts)
  • Supplier registration number to identify payment - FIK reference/KID number if relevant

Maersk Drilling document requirements:

  • Type of document – invoice, credit note, interest note
  • Maersk Drilling legal entity name, billing address and VAT registration number
  • Date – invoice issue date, due date, delivery date
  • Maersk Drilling purchase order number (as stated on received purchase order copy)
  • If invoice not related to purchase order Maersk Drilling point of contact or cost center need to be mention (the name and email address of the Maersk Drilling employee requesting the goods or services)
  • Invoice currency (invoice currency must be clearly stated and should be in the same currency as the PO, only once currency per invoice could be accepted)
  • Description of services or products including quantity, cost per unit and total item cost
  • Total amount charged with tax information if applicable
  • Split of withholding tax, if existent
  • Supporting documentation if required due to contracts/purchase orders to check correctness of order

Packaging, Deliveries and Warehousing

Supplier requirements and information prior to delivery of any material or equipment to Maersk Drilling A/S Warehouse, shore base, rig or any other Maersk Drilling affiliate and entity.

Documentation requirements for the delivery:

  • Delivery note stating clear the Maersk Drilling Purchase order number (PO no.), if not Maersk Drilling are entitled to reject and return upon delivery for the cost of the supplier in question.
  • Delivery note is attached outside the packages or pallet
  • Split deliveries are clearly marked on the delivery note
  • Shipments containing Dangerous Goods (DG) are marked and labelled as per international standards and with clear UN numbers on the package and on the pallet.

Serialized materials and equipment requirements – identification requirements on the equipment:

  • Serialized Items and equipment must be marked with clear unique serial numbers (suited and secured on the equipment for offshore usage. (note: Manila tags are not sufficient)
    • If above is not the case Maersk Drilling are entitled to reject and return upon delivery at the cost of the supplier.
  • If a items and equipment are delivered in a batch with no unique or running numbers are delivered, the following requirements is accepted and needed as a minimum for identification on the equipment itself:
    • Items and equipment are marked with the batch number on all items (no unique number)
    • Items and equipment are marked with the batch + running number on all items (no unique number)

Certificates requirements for the delivery: 

  • Certificates are printed for each individual serial number
  • Certificates must follow the goods physically
  • If a batch with no unique or running numbers are delivered, the following requirements is accepted and needed as a minimum
    • X amount in the delivery = same X amount of printed certificates
    • Certificates are physically following the goods 1-to-1
  • If a batch with running numbers are delivered, the following requirements is accepted and needed as a minimum
    • Certificates are printed for each individual serial number batch number + running number.
    • Certificates are physically following the goods 1-to-1

Packing material of goods and equipment being delivered to Maersk Drilling: 

  • All goods and equipment being delivered on pallets, the pallets must follow below requirements:
    • Pallets must be heat-treated and stamped accordingly
    • Pallets must be fully functional and with no damage
    • Loose items must be secured by wooden pallet frame and strapped to the pallet with new certified straps based on load
    • A standard EU pallet (120x80cm) must not way more than 1.5 ton and exceed the high of 180 cm

Wrapped and filled pallets, boxes and or equipment: 

  • Plastic foiled pallets must be wrapped in reusable and recyclable plastic
  • Pallet and or box filling must be with recyclable material such as plastic or paper.
    • Foam is allowed in special cases with sensitive equipment.

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