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Maersk Invincible: World's first jack-up running on shore-power

Since 28 May, the diesel engines on the Maersk Invincible have been switched off. The rig is now running entirely on hydropower from the shore.

Maersk Invincible: World's first jack-up running on shore-power

On 3pm Sunday 28 May 2017, the Maersk Invincible became the world's first harsh environment jack-up drilling rig to operate entirely on shore-power. Reaching the Maersk Invincible through a 294 km cable from Lista, the rig is currently running on Norwegian hydropower on the Valhall Complex, where it will be operating for Aker BP until 2022.

This was made possible because Maersk Invincible was built with this purpose in mind from its conception. The electrical power system was designed and prepared to be able to receive power from shore.

"The testing and commissioning of the high voltage shore-power installation has been thorough," says Christian Adamsen, Technical Section Leader on board the rig. "Maersk Invincible is now a clean hydropower rig since Sunday, when we made the change to shore-power supply."

At 11.000 volts, the high voltage shore-power supply is capable of supplying up to 10 megawatts, corresponding to the consumption of up to 20.000 households. The innovation not only means reduced emissions, but also a cost saving for customer Aker BP in fuel and maintenance.

It is Maersk Drilling’s ambition to conduct sustainable and environmentally responsible operations, and it is our belief that this ensures a sound and viable business for the future.

"Maersk Drilling is pleased that we have been able to successfully implement this innovation with our client Aker BP and together become first movers in introducing shore power operation on jack-up drilling rigs," says Peder Norborg, Head of the XL-E Newbuilding Project with Maersk Drilling.

Another benefit of shore-power is a much quieter work environment for the crew, since the diesel engines were one of the main sources of noise.

"This will reduce emissions from the rig,” says Christian Adamsen. “It will also reduce cost and time for maintenance on diesel engines and generators and give a better working environment in the engine rooms. Furthermore, the deck will be easier to keep clean since we won't have soot from the exhausts. 

This will all be eliminated by running on shore-power."


Tine Østergaard Hansen
Tine Østergaard Hansen
Head of Corporate Communication & Sustainability

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