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Press release

Discoverer takes the lead in Egypt

Interview: “We believe that the ownership we take for improving in all aspects of drilling the well is what sets us apart from the competition.” Director Thomas Falk outlines the perspective of the three-year contract extension with BP.
​An extremely important contract extension in an extremely harsh business environment.

Discoverer takes the lead in Egypt
Maersk Discoverer will be working offshore Egypt until August 2019 after Maersk Drilling has been awarded a three-year contract extension for the ultra-deepwater semi-submersible with oil major BP.

In a difficult marketplace with only very few fixtures this contract extension is a remarkable achievement that Unit Director Thomas Falk puts down to the successful collaboration between BP and Maersk Drilling and the impressive operational results achieved on the Atoll well and on the West Nile Delta drilling-programme.

"In our operation with BP the Maersk Discoverer team, through highly efficient operation, has proven BP's business case for the continued use of a high-spec, dual derrick rig instead of the lower specification options available in the market. Equally importantly, the team through integration and collaboration with the BP team offshore and onshore has underlined why Maersk Drilling is BP's preferred partner". So says Director Thomas Falk on a telephone line from Cairo, Egypt.

During BP's recent West Nile Delta Drilling Programme the rig set new benchmarks for drilling efficiency. Of the more than 100 wells drilled in the Egypt Nile delta Maersk Discoverer recorded the six fastest wells ever drilled in terms of days per 10,000 feet of drilling.

"The West Nile Delta drilling programme was completed 114 days ahead of BP's AFE plan and prior to that the Atoll well was completed 62 days ahead of BP's AFE plan" Thomas Falk explains.  

He continues: "These results are amazing and translates to massive savings for our customer".

The team has achieved these results by dedicated, hard work and commitment as well as through a focused application of the Plan - Do - Study - Act methodology for delivering continuous performance improvements.

The team has taken the Plan - Do - Study – Act methodology to the next level by integrating closely with both BP and the service partners to find improvement opportunities in all aspects of the operation.

"We believe that the ownership we take for improving in all aspects of drilling the well is what sets us apart from the competition – always looking for the option that makes both Maersk Drilling and BP successful is what creates the foundation of a one-team mindset".


Kristoffer Apollo
Kristoffer Apollo
Senior Press Officer

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