Maersk Venturer crew identifies 68 action points for optimising well plans

Last year, the crew of Maersk Venturer gathered for a ‘drill the well on paper and dual capability’ workshop. The workshop led to 68 ways of improving the well plans.

Maersk Venturer crew identifies 68 action points for optimising well plans

On November 5 2014, Performance Superintendent Adebowale Solarin organised and facilitated an interactive dual capability workshop in conjunction with a Drill the Well On Paper exercise on Maersk Venturer. The purpose was to generate suggestions and recommendations on how best to utilise the rig’s dual capabilities to optimize the plans for the upcoming operation.

The workshop targeted the offshore rig crew and service providers and aimed at three overall areas; to communicate the well plans to the crew, to utilise their experience and knowledge to optimise the well plans and to foster teamwork, active thinking and ownership among the crew.

Drawing from experiences

“The main benefit of carrying out a ‘drill the well on paper exercise’ is that the personnel who are going to perform the actual hands-on tasks and jobs get to draw from their experiences and practical knowledge to contribute their ideas and recommendations on how to work smarter and safer,” explains Performance Superintendent, Adebowale Solarin.

The workshop was a great success. Of the 68 recommendations, 30 were actioned directly in the written operational procedures while the others, mostly pertaining to work during transit to the location, were carried out. Apart from the 68 improvement suggestions, it also catered for greater teamwork among the relatively new crew.

Below is an example of a recommendation that was carried out:
While drilling the 26” hole section on the main well center, the auxiliary well center was utilised to:

  • Make up and lay down the 18 ¾” High Pressure Wellhead Housing
  • Make up Rigid Lock Seal Assembly to its running tool.
  • Make up cement stand with side entry sub on top of a landing string joint.
  • Run 20” casing
  • Run 5” inner cement string.

Performing these operations in parallel meant that over 15 hours of work was shaved off the critical path.

What the participants said:

“The opportunity for the offshore teams to get involved and to influence the drilling programme was embraced by the crew and this is reflected in the range of initiatives and ideas generated in the offshore DWOP. All parties: TOTAL, Maersk Drilling and the service companies, expressed real satisfaction from the engagement. It is always a desire to get valuable input from the front line personnel early enough to be able to implement in the plan, but it is often unachievable. In this instance all stakeholders have realized real benefits from the process.” Jason Hammond, Assistant Rig Manager Maersk Venturer.

“This was a very good workshop. It is not easy to conduct a workshop on the rig because of personnel scheduling and ongoing operations. I was therefore impressed with the participation of the Maersk crew and the number of recommendations generated.” Camille Montin, Drilling Superintendent at Total Malaysia.

“I am very satisfied with the organisation of the workshop. It provided an opportunity to obtain direct input from everyone involved to improve the well plan. ” Alexandre DEPIESSE, Drilling Manager at Total Malaysia.

“The well operations commenced on 20 November and the feedback from Total regarding dual activity and simultaneous operations has been very positive.” Eddie Fitzgerald, Unit Director, Maersk Venturer.


Kristoffer Apollo
Kristoffer Apollo
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