Maersk Resolute performs after reactivation

After its reactivation from warm stacking, Maersk Resolute has shown stellar performance during its contract for Petrogas.

Maersk Resolute performs after reactivation

The success stories from Maersk Resolute’s recent contract with Petrogas E&P Netherlands B.V. are many. For one, the crew finished the contract seven days early – 7.65 days exactly – thereby saving the client both time and money.

Further, Maersk Resolute has maintained high operational standards throughout the 104 days of operation in Q3-Q4 2017. During the entire contract, the non-productive time, or NPT, was below 1.5% which Petrogas calls an “excellent achievement.”

“With the Maersk Resolute, we have proven that it is possible to drill shallow gas wells very effectively and with a single supply vessel,” write Nick Dancer, General Manager of Petrogas, and Marcel van der Meer, Drilling Manager, in a joint email to everyone involved with the Maersk Resolute operation. They offer their congratulations to anyone involved with the operation.

“Petrogas would like to thank yourselves, Maersk Drilling management, and in particular the crew members & third party contractors of the ‘Maersk Resolute’ for the safe and efficient way of executing the wells.”

The rig has also drilled the shallowest horizontal gas well in the A&B area, something Petrogas has noted as a great achievement. Angela Durkin, COO of Maersk Drilling, is also pleased with the result.

“It is great to see that the core of our business, delivering excellent operations to customers, is as strong as Maersk Resolute has shown us,” says Durkin. “I congratulate everyone involved with the operation and Petrogas on a job well done.”

A team effort

Jens Christian Rise, Rig Manager of Maersk Resolute, is very pleased with how the operation turned out, and stresses that the success of the work was a team effort.

“After the warm stacking, the rig and crew have performed very well and delivered some of their best work for client Petrogas. It has been a pleasure to see everyone come together and deliver such a fine result to the customer.”

Focus for Rise was on operational excellence and the safety of the crew, a prioritisation with which Dancer and van der Meer agree.

“Throughout the program there was a strong focus on safety and good participation by Maersk and the 3rd party providers,” they write. “We appreciate the vigilance of the team on the rig to safety.”

“Everyone involved has done very well, and it is always good to see the team come together and give their utmost,” says Dansen. “I look forward to seeing the Maersk Resolute prosper and deliver on even more contracts in the future.” 


Kristoffer Apollo
Kristoffer Apollo
Head of Media Relations

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