Maersk Guardian finishes contract in style

Maersk Guardian finishes contract with Premier Oil as a top performer

Maersk Guardian finishes contract in style

“Maersk Guardian has been on quite a journey for the last 12 months and it is with mixed feelings we are now at the end of the contract with Premier Oil in Norway and heading for Frederikshavn, Denmark for stacking”, said Rig Manager on Maersk Guardian, Peter Kim Pedersen, prior to the arrival in Frederikshavn this past Saturday.

During the summer 2015, Guardian finished working for Lundin after 2½ years with two exploration and four production wells. Both Guardian and Lundin faced many challenges along the way, but in the end everyone could look back at an impressive turnaround and a finish with a solid operational and safety performance. This was backed by encouraging words from Lundin Drilling Manager: “Thanks again, and looking forward to future business together!”.

”We knew from the beginning of the year that Maersk Guardian’s future was undetermined, and we are very pleased with how the crew has handled this situation. Our philosophy has all along been that the best thing we could do to secure future work for the rig and ourselves was to deliver a safe and efficient operation to our clients”, says Assistant Rig Manager on Maersk Guardian, Thomas Jacobsen and continues:

“However, with the current tough market situation it became evident that there would not be a contract for Guardian in continuation of the Premier Oil contract. Facing this reality and heading into a two months contract with a new client we in the management team agreed that there would not be a more extraordinary way to finish than being the best performing rig in Maersk Drilling”.

Guardian recently finished the 62 days contract with Premier a little ahead of schedule, with an uptime of 99.6% and a well non-productive time (NPT) of 3.4%. This combined with the effort earlier this year has resulted in a consolidated KPI score of 92.3% - enough to head the Maersk Drilling Rig-of-the-year competition and leave a very satisfied client.



“In Frederikshavn, Denmark, the Maersk Guardian team will be split up, and I wish everyone both onshore and offshore the best of luck in their future endeavours and hope they all take pride in what they have achieved”, Peter Kim concludes.


Kristoffer Apollo
Kristoffer Apollo
Head of Media Relations

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