Mærsk Gallant donates TVs to children's hospital

When MITAS Graduate Joanna Krawczyk took on the job to replace the entire TV-solution aboard the Mærsk Gallant, she came up with the idea of donating more than 70 TVs that was about to get replaced to a children’s hospital in Cracow, Poland.

Mærsk Gallant donates TVs to children's hospital

After having experienced technical problems with the TV-setup aboard the Mærsk Gallant for some years, it was decided to solve the problem once in for all, which meant that more than 70 relatively new and functional TVs was about to get replaced in order to ensure a more reliable solution.

Instead of discarding the replaced TVs, MITAS Graduate and Polish native Joanna Krawczyk came up with the idea of donating all the replaced TVs to a children's hospital in Cracow.

"As we know, the health service in Poland is struggling because of economic reasons, hospitals are not equipped on such a high level as hospitals in Scandinavia. Children's hospital rooms are not equipped with TV on each hall," says Joanna Krawczyk.

Having no experience with the process of company donations, Joanna immediately contacted the Legal and Tax department to find if such donation would be subject to any regulations. When she received clearance from Legal and Tax, she wrote the Director of The University Children's Hospital of Cracow, Maciej Kowalczyk, whom was very fond of the idea.

"I am deeply moved by the noble principles that govern your company and honored to be selected as a recipient of the donation," says Maciej Kowalczyk.

Joanna travelled to Cracow during the Christmas holidays and visited the children's hospital. Here she got the opportunity to meet some of the crew working at the hospital whom, on behalf of the children, were very excited that they was about to get a better experience when hospitalized. 

A total of 74 TVs has been donated and transferred to the hospital, many of which have already been installed to the great joy of the children at the hospital. 
Joanna praises the entire Mærsk Gallant team for making the donation become a reality.  

"Special thanks to Mærsk Gallant's crew, especially to the Rig Manager and the Assistant Rig Manager for continuous motivation and support in the conduct of the project. Big thanks for supporting and covering transportation costs to the children's hospital in Cracow," concludes Joanna Krawczyk.


Kristoffer Apollo
Kristoffer Apollo
Head of Media Relations

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