A Perfect HSE Period: Maersk Resilient granted safety award

The crew on the Maersk Resilient has received recognition for a perfect safety year.

A Perfect HSE Period: Maersk Resilient granted safety award

On the way towards zero incidents per year, important milestones lie ahead. One such milestone was recently reached by Maersk Resilient when they achieved a perfect safety year, meaning an entire year without any recordable incidents. For this achievement, the Maersk Resilient has been granted a safety award by Maersk Oil.


The award carries the headline: “A Perfect HSE Period: Accomplished for Outstanding Safety Performance”. It lists the following accomplishments:

Zero HIPO incidents
Zero dropped objects
Zero recordable injuries
Zero oil or chemical spills
Zero PSIs with hydro carbon releases

“The award is the result of many years of due diligence within the organisation,” says Bent Nielsen, Head of HSSE in Maersk Drilling, “and is especially due to the extraordinary efforts of the crew on board the Maersk Resilient. Impressive and well done.”

How was this achieved?

Safety is a constant focus in Maersk Drilling and the highest priority of the organisation. The award is of interest to all of Maersk Drilling, since it shows an achievement worth emulating and learning from. When asked how Maersk Resilient has achieved this, Rig Manager Ejnar Sorensen has no doubt what made the difference.

“The big difference, and what we have done differently, is to actively engage the rig crew in our safety goals. So it is not only leadership contributing great ideas, but also the crew. This could not have been achieved without the alignment across the entire team on Maersk Resilient,” says Sorensen.

A team effort

Proud of the achievement of Maersk Resilient, Sorensen places special significance on the safety mindset on board the rig. “Safety is a matter of the team being able to support and help each other in staying safe every day,” he says. “Safety has developed into a way of thinking on the Maersk Resilient. We consider safety first, and that has been the major cause behind this award.”

Peter Dansen, Asset Manager of International Jackups, is thrilled with the award.

“This is a fantastic achievement, the crew can be very proud,” Dansen says. “We all know how difficult perfect safety is. The Maersk Resilient team has shown that they are capable of achieving safe operations day after day. This is only possible when constant care and commitment is practiced, and because the crew is constantly on the lookout to do even better than the day before.”


Kristoffer Apollo
Kristoffer Apollo
Head of Media Relations

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