Offshore oil and gas is in a race to produce the most competitive barrel of oil.

With dozens of different suppliers and multiple interfaces involved, the process of delivering a well safely, on time and within budget has become more complex for operators than it needs to be.

Every hour spent on a well counts ⎯ there’s a lot to play for.

Reducing operator NPT

Non-productive time (NPT) is often 20-25% across all suppliers on a well.

Removing complexity

It can take over 60 suppliers and 6,000 invoices to drill an offshore well.


Smarter Drilling for Better Value is Maersk Drilling’s response to this.

It combines innovative technologies with new business models to reduce waste and inefficiency across all the activities delivered on a well.

Maersk Drilling is fully committed to reducing well costs for our customers. We see great potential in a deeper collaboration across the industry to eliminate inefficiencies and create joint value.
Jørn Madsen - Chief Executive Officer

We provide solutions that plan, orchestrate and integrate the services involved in a drilling campaign. 

By improving coordination, simplifying interfaces and aligning incentives across the supply chain, we aim to reduce overall NPT, increase efficiency and improve safety for our customers.

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The time to act is now

The future of oil and gas is being written right now. Maersk Drilling’s alliance with Aker BP provides a glimpse of what is possible: We share the pain and gain on the well. Read the keynote speech by our CCIO Morten Kelstrup at the IADC World Drilling Conference.

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Making offshore competitive (again)

There is a healthy appetite for innovation that can improve the competitiveness of offshore oil and gas. Read the speech delivered by our COO Angela Durkin at the Offshore Technology Conference in Houston.

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