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Offshore jobs no longer involve pulling thundering machinery around platforms in oil-soaked clothes



Offshore jobs no longer involve pulling thundering machinery around platforms in oil-soaked clothes. Today, most oil and gas jobs centre on automated operations, and the heavy machinery is monitored and remotely controlled by advanced computers.

Whether you're working with a wrench or a dashboard, we require highly skilled employees with a good attitude and up-to-date training to operate the equipment on our units.


Oil rig jobs are quite different compared to working on dry land. After being airlifted by helicopter to your designated drilling rig, you’ll put on your working gear and begin a 12-hour shift. The drilling unit's catering personnel are around to attend to your everyday practical needs. They handle the cleaning, washing and cooking so when your shift is over, you are free to relax. The leisure facilities differ from unit to unit, but modern rigs are more comfortable than ever. You can spend time in the fitness room, play games with your colleagues, watch movies or simply rest in your room.

At Maersk Drilling, you will be offshore between two and four weeks at a time (a hitch) followed by a number of weeks at home. Occasionally you will be asked to attend training during your weeks away from the unit. This is one of the ways we uphold our superior standards when it comes to safety and technological excellence – and a way for you to develop your professional skills.

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The Drilling Industry

Using a drill to reach reservoirs of fossil fuels is a simple concept that has been known since the 19th century. The practical challenges are enormous, however, and they have never been greater, as energy companies increasingly look offshore and towards deeper waters to help fuel modern society.
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Acceleration Programmes

Maersk Drilling is second-to-none in the drilling industry in developing the skills of our people. The Maersk Group is known throughout the business world for actively engaging in training and development programmes.
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Training and Development

At Maersk Drilling, we believe that we can best nurture your professional growth by continuously adding to your qualifications and gradually expanding your responsibilities. We want our employees to be ambitious. 
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Maersk Drilling Trainees

Alexander joined Maersk Drilling as a trainee less than a year ago. He takes us through his first impressions of the work and the industry as a whole.

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