Electrical Supervisor




What does the work consist of?

The Electrical Supervisor ensures that all electronic and electric equipment is functioning and in accordance with relevant rules and regulations.

He/she is responsible for carrying out inspections, testing, maintenance and repair of the high voltage plant in accordance with the preventative maintenance management system and high voltage safe working practices. Additionally, the Electrical Supervisor enforces that all work is done in a safe and responsible manner, directs tasks to be completed and ensures availability of spare parts in his/her department.


What do I need to know to hold the position?

In order to hold this position, you must have the following:

  • Higher Degree in Electrical Engineering on a Bachelor or Master Level with further practical experience in accordance with requirements from the National Authorities. Alternatively you must be Certified Industrial Electrician with a recognized National Apprenticeship, Certificate or Diploma such as Academy Profession, City & Guilds, Capstone Assessment or similar, supplemented with courses in accordance with requirements from the National Authorities.
  • Certification to supervise and conduct work on high voltage power plants
  • Hazardous area certificate
  • Experience with the relevant systems and equipment, see rig specifications


How do I get there?

You will typically start your offshore career elsewhere in the electrical department, and when you have gained significant experience and proven your competences and leadership skills, you may progress to Electrical Supervisor.