Maersk Drilling is on its way to become a significant contractor in the ultra deepwater segment. We are currently expanding our fleet with four drillships that can operate at depths that exceed 3,500 m.

With their advanced positioning control system, the ships automatically maintain a fixed position in severe weather conditions with waves of up to 11 metres and wind speeds of up to 26 metres per second.

The drillship fleet will support Maersk Drilling's position as a significant player in the ultra deepwater market, where we operate four state-of-the-art semi-submersibles. The design and capacities of the new drillships include features for high efficiency operation. Featuring dual derrick and large subsea work and storage areas, the design allows for efficient well construction and field development activities through offline activities.

We are dedicated to partnering with customers to ensure continuous performance improvements

Special attention has been given to safety onboard the drillships. Equipped with Multi Machine Control (MMC) on the drill floor, the high degree of automation ensures safe operation and consistent performance. Higher transit speeds and increased capacity will reduce the overall logistics costs for oil companies.

  • Multi Machine Control (MMC)

The drillships feature Multi Machine Control, a computerised control system, which together with a fully remotely-operated pipe handling system allows all standard operations such as stand building and tripping to be conducted without personnel on the drill floor, ensuring a high level of consistency across crews.

  • Active Heave Draw-work

Active Heave compensation is provided by 1,250 ton rated active heave compensating draw-works.

  • Derrick and Hoisting Systems

The main well centre derrick capacity is rated to 2.5 million pounds. The crown sheaves, travelling block and main well centre top drive is rated for 1,250 tons. This enables a total drilling depth of up to 40,000 ft.

  • Tubular Handling Systems

Within the derrick setback area range, two drill pipes can be racked back in quads or range three drill pipe in triples up to 135 ft. length. Casing of up 16" diameter can be racked back in triples. Over 50,000 ft. of drill pipe can be racked including a heavy duty drill pipe casing landing string.

  • Marine Riser and Tensioning Systems

In keeping with the safe handling stand building philosophy the rig is equipped with hands free fast make up to 90 ft. long MR 6H-SE riser joints rated for 12,000 ft. water depth allowing efficient riser and BOP running.

  • Cranes/Handling Systems

In addition to the four main hydraulic knuckle boom deck cranes, a dedicated pipe handling crane will cover the drill pipe and casing storage deck and a gantry crane will cover the riser bays and slip joint to ensure safe and efficient handling. Dedicated guided gantry cranes and carriers handle both the BOP and subsea trees.

  • Well Control Equipment

The 15,000 psi BOP stack is equipped with six ram cavities, the lower ram inverted to allow BOP testing without the requirement to run a test tool and a 27" SHD wellhead connector. The Lower Marine Riser Package has two 10,000 psi rated annulars and high angle release connector. The MUX control system has both copper and fibre communication enhancing redundancy.

  • HP Mud System

The rig is equipped with five mud pumps rated to 7,500 psi.

  • Mud Return System

A dual drilling fluid system ensures an efficient change between mud types and completion fluids. The shaker arrangement allows for on line conditioning of reserve mud while circulating on the well. There is a dedicated and separate completion fluid shaker and dual trip tanks.

  • Power Management Systems

The updated Power Management System has the most efficient Black-out Recovery configuration available today as proven on Maersk Drilling's deepwater semi-submersibles. This will ensure greatly enhanced overall safety.

  • Positioning Systems

The drillship is designed with a DP-3 Dynamic Positioning System, which is the highest class. Additional built in redundancy in critical systems will allow normal maintenance with no or limited impact on the safety and efficiency of the operation. Six 5.5MW thrusters will provide adequate thrust and an increased heading control tolerance.

  • Accommodation

The modern crew quarters are laid out for 230 people in one- and two-man cabins. Separation between the busy areas such as offices, mess, galley, change rooms, recreation rooms, cinema, etc. and sleeping areas will further enhance the working environment on board



Maersk Drilling is on its way to become a significant contractor in the ultra deepwater segment with four drillships that can operate at depths that exceed 3,500 m.


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